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Also known as pugilism, Boxing is a fighting style in which the practitioner uses only his fists to attack.

Pugilism dates back to the earliest records of civilization and the modality was part of the ancient Olympic Games, disputed in Greece. With the end of the ancient Olympics, the style lost its appeal and resurfaced only in 18th-century in England, where it began to be practiced with bare hands.

To make it less brutal, John Douglas, 9th Marquess of Queensberry, established in 1867 the Boxing current rules (which came into effect in 1872). They state that opponents should wear gloves, can not grapple or hit someone on the ground, and that matches should be divided into three-minute rounds separated by an interval of one minute.

Despite a relative loss in popularity due to MMA competitions, boxing fights can be extremely lucrative and yield hundreds of millions of dollars thanks to tickets, sponsorships and, mainly, pay-per-view.