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Wrestling arts


Wrestling refers to the different grappling fighting styles in which various hold techniques are used.

It is one of the oldest sports and has always remained popular since earliest ages among different civilizations. Greek Wrestling was one of the main highlights of the ancient Olympic Games and was borrowed heavily by the ancient Romans who eliminated much of its brutality.

Amateur wrestling is highly popular in the United States (in colleges, universities, secondary schools and athletic clubs).

There are seven different forms of Wrestling recognized by the International Federation of Associated Wrestling Styles (FILA): Grappling/Submission wrestling, Beach wrestling, Pankration athlima, Alysh/Belt wrestling, Traditional/Folk wrestlingbut, Greco-Roman Wresting and Freestyle Wrestling.

We will focus on freestyle and Greco-Roman, two basic styles of amateur Wrestling that are represented in the modern Olympic Games.

Greco-Roman style is not considered a professional sport. Despite its name, neither Greeks nor Romans ever practiced such wrestling style. Its rules may have been created by a Napoleonic soldier named Jean Exbrayat in 1848 (which established the prohibition of holds below the waist, painful holds or torsions). By the end of the 19th century, rules were established to remove its brutal aspects (punches and slams with the arms).

Freestyle is currently the most popular style in the world.